ICCF Diamond Jubilee 1st Chess 960 World Cup

Hi ya E-Chessers!

Thanks to Higginator I have a name to call all you here at E-Chess960! Well E-Chessers, hello to you all and what a friendly bunch of people you are. I’ll be blogging on Chess960 since that is all I ever play, so any news on Chess I’m sorry but I’m almost useless on that!

Ok onto Chess960 news. If you want to enter a Chess960 correspondence competition on-line that offers $2000 in prizes, make sure you get your entries in before September 30th 2011. It is the very first correspondence world cup for ICCF Chess960 so go for it! http://www.iccf-webchess.com/Message.aspx?message=355

Enjoy E-Chess960!