E-chess960.com becomes ChessRex.com

E-chess960.com has evolved into Chessrex.com as we are getting to the last stage of of the first
phase of this project. Many have contributed to this great projects development and design
; Andrei Oniga of Picselbocs was the developer in charge of getting e-chess960.com started along
with designs by Jeff Hogan, both great creators and with out them this project would not have
the style that was needed to take this chess site to the next level.

The reason it was named e-chess960.com was to not draw attention to it while we developed the site.
Many people fear Chess960 and adding this to the name kept many away from the site while we worked.

Devel777 under the instruction of EXTREMEoverCAST is now in charge of development to complete the site
along with some contribution from Harry Osh.

ChessRex.com features innovative chess piece designs and boards that can be customized to personal requests.

The second stage of this project will consist of; Teachers Aquarium, an openings wizard and 3D flash board
for all existing and new chess pieces that we have available on the site.
Those that have been with us through the experimental stage will have a free premium account as a reward.
ChessRex.com will remain free of adds and free to play unlimited games, unlike other sites that lend the 1,000
pixel space to adds and corrupt the game experience for added revenue. Premium membership will grant you all
access to all features on the site.

A fun fact.
Some said this site was imaginary and those that found it called it an illusion, so then some jumped on some
shoulders and said it was a dream.Now some are living the dream.

Stop by and Live The Dream.