The Best Chess Site !

What is the best chess site online?

What would you consider the best chess site to be?
Some would say that it is the one with the most high rated members and teachers on the site.
Others would say that it is the site with the best options and site tools, Or a combination of both.

In my personal opinion it is the community that makes the site great.
Having high rated players on the site does help attract strong players and make for a solid site.
Most Masters in general use their name as a brand and their skill to play the game to gain income.

Therefore not all of the popular names that you find on a site are the real person.

A Global Community interacting as players, Teachers, and Masters gathering
virtually to enjoy the game of chess is needed to be one of the best.

But in this new age world where chess is seen as a geeks game and not cool at all when kids opt to play video games on Xbox.
Chess needs to be sold as a cool thing again and not as grandpa’s old game board. is committed to making the game cool again for the next generation of players.

In our attempt to attract the already distracted Xbox generation we have created 3D chess sets rendered for a 2D board.
We have designed some of the best looking chess knights that exist online and will have them on a 3D flash board.
Our chess boards are the closest you get to a real wooden board online.
The combinations of pieces and boards are endless and they can be personalized at the members request.

Your basic chess site does not have many options if any on the boards or pieces – yet you might end up playing against Natalia Pogonina so that is a plus.