My Experience in ChessRex.Com

Birth of a Phoenix
“ChessRex.Com” the name itself is full of possibilities and promises which are beyond One’s imagination. In a surprising way I became member here. I play chess in four Good Chess Sites. One day in public chat of one of those sites, I saw a controversial Discussion (Better to say criticism) of ChessRex, then It was only ten weeks passed after the ChessRex was Born. Then I thought how could a site be so popular & topic of discussion in such a shorter period of time!! Then after some weeks I became member of ChessRex. I like the cover of ChessRex for its soberness which is really soothing to eyes. I have seen some covers of different sites full of advertisements and horrible colors and peculiar designs. The cover of ChessRex shows an excellent example how a chess site need to be & it also shows the taste of its designer. I like the feature of “Top ten players” appearance on the cover. But I also feel sorry for those members who can’t make it to the cover. So I feel, some way a rotation in appearance is necessary, if possible. So that no one can think of permanency. If space is not a problem then a feature can be included, top five most active Player’s. The activeness can be measured by most moves given by a player in a completed game in every 15days or 1 month. Oh my God…the inside of is hundred times more “fantabullous” than the cover, crafted with brilliance. The Chat is so fantastic in appearance it’s almost Face Book like. Posting chess related Pictures, Videos & links are awesome (of course without spamming). The Collection of 3D Smiley is another great feature of this site & better than other sites. One can express any emotion with those. Another great experience is uploading an avatar (profile picture) it is so simple & easy here, takes only ten sec. This feature is so difficult in some sites that members have been continuing with theirs default pictures, month after month after the avatar change has been made. A member has to become member of another site & follow some difficult steps to upload an avatar there. Simplicity is always best. The blunt cornered windows adding more beauty to the appearance of this site. The message alert & game alert “Knights” are really nice looking. The Knights on this site are 50 years ahead of other sites’ designs.Chess knights have come out of their Donkey look. I believe that in case of Non rated games the score division under “Expected score” column is not really necessary, the space can be blank, so that players can see that the games are rated or not. The Flexibility in customization is another great part of this site, once admin helped me to change my profile name to my real name, I didn’t get this help in other sites…as that kind of helps is granted to premium members only. It’s good to see Administrate takes quick actions against any unwanted incidents, but sometime I see some player uses some words & phrases in pub chat which are unwanted in my point of view. I know it’s really difficult for Admin to keep eye on everything & also difficult for players to complain every time…as we are here to play. I’m really grateful to ChessRex and that I have some really good friends here. It’s a clean site till now, as I don’t see a Jungle of advertisement in lobby & board room area. Here we can find vast options of using nice sets of Pieces & board types. Another important thing is, as this site is still under construction the site administrator takes opinion from the members & discusses with possibilities, this is great. Newly added live game feature is fantastic, I can still enjoy this with my Dial up connection…ha ha..!! Bug is a real problem in this site due to it still being developed, some time clock doesn’t work properly & sometime one player can’t move but opponent moving two consecutive moves. I know Devel777 is trying everything to solve these problems, but still this irritates members. Some of my friends are not happy with the numbers of online players that frequent the site. I think, members need to have patience & to give time for this site to develop. Development & progress is not a magic trick. The best additional Part of is our ChessRexClub in Face book…I enjoy it. Ernesto creates his master pieces & shares frequently, so that we can see what kind of involvement and effort is necessary to Create an Ultimate Chess Sites…!! We can see Ernesto’s excellent design & creativity in making different types of chess pieces & other things. This I have never seen from an owner in any other site. When you witness the gradual progress of a site you are bound to fall in Love with that site, of course only when you realize it. It’s not only logging moves & logging off. Chess Rex has proven that living in the chess past is over…I hope it’s just the beginning….!! In future course of time there will be more surprises waiting for us & it will be continue….! Avijit Das -Calcutta, India