Chess960 starting position No 1


Concentrate on h-side castling as castling a-side will be rather laborious and long-winded. However, castling h-side will not be easy as there are no ideal places to move the rooks on f1/f8 to.

However , both bishops on a1/a8 seem to threaten seriously the h-side if you castled there. So , if you succeed in developing smoothly without being forced by your opponent to castle quickly h-side , you may consider castling a-side , as your king’s position looks much safer there.

Weak points and squares


Development of pieces

The bishops on a1/a8 have quite a promising diagonal. The bishops on d1/d8 can also be easily developed , but take care not to block the other bishop with the c-pawn.

There is quite a good square for the e-knight on f3 in order to protect your kingside , if you castled h-side. Again , think first what to do with your f-rook.

General advice for the first moves

1.b3/b6 to open immediately the long diagonal for the bishop 2.f4/f5 3.Nf3/Nf6 and you will have to decide then if castling a- or h-side. It seems however advisable to prepare castling both sides, so develop first your minor pieces and if you decide then to castle h-side reconsider how to develop your f-rook.

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