Rising Chess Stars Series – Collin Goldman

My name is Collin Goldman and I started playing chess at the age of 6. I
live in Southern Oregon and tied for 2nd place at the Oregon High School
Chess Championships in 2011. Though I haven’t been in tournament play for
almost a year, I plan on getting back into them starting next year! So look

Ernesto:What Grand Masters have you researched and studied?

Collin:I have always enjoyed studying the games of Bobby Fischer, Gary Kasparov,
and Anatoly Karpov.

Honestly though, I only looked at Fischer and Kasparov because their games
were so inspiring! It was a glimpse at something that I hoped to be one
day. And their tactical skills were beyond my wildest dreams!
However, when I wanted to study a GM in depth, it was Karpov who I turned
to. Time and again he has blown me away with positional and tactical
skills. I am a very positional player myself, so I could readily understand
and relate to at least some of his ideas.

Ernesto:what mind set do you have when you train for a tournament or a big game?

Collin:When I train for a tournament, I put myself in the mindset of a king
preparing his troops for battle. This is probably why I play more
positional rather than tactical because every time I sac a piece, even if I
know it leads to mate, I get a little twinge of guilt. I prefer to grind my
opponents down in a long drawn out battle rather than quickly sac half my
army to get a mate or resignation in under 30 moves.

Ernesto:What chess player has given you the best advice on the game?

Collin:Probably the most influential player in my chess career is IM Josh
Waitzkin. Though he is no longer in competitive play, his chess course in
the Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition, and his books are probably the sole
reason I was able to jump from a 1500 rating strength to around 1700.

Ernesto:What have you taken from another player that has improved your game?

Collin:I have taken from several players two I have already mentioned, Anatoly
Karpov and Josh Waitzkin. Another ‘mentor’ would have to be GM Roman
Dizindi. His books Chess Openings for Black and White are what gave me that
final push to the 1800-1900 rating range. I would recommend those to anyone
looking for a solid opening repertoire. I still rely heavily on those
opening ideas.

Ernesto:At what age did you start playing chess?

Collin:I started playing chess rather young, I think I was about 6 or 7…? My dad
used to play with me giving me both his rooks or his queen. We played most
every night for about 2 years until I purchased the Chessmaster program,
and started attending a local chess club. Then he stopped, rather, suddenly
giving me his queen or rooks. I’m not sure why…. Haha

Ernesto:Who are your biggest supporters?

Collin:My biggest supporters are hard to whittle down. I come from a family of 9
kids, I’m the 2nd oldest with another on the way, and 26 cousins just on my
moms side. As you can guess we are a very very close family, so I can’t
really say who supports me the most because they all do! But as far as
taking me to tournaments, I would have to say my dad, who taught me from
the beginning, and my grandma who takes me to most of the bigger
tournaments when my dad has to work.

Ernesto:Are you a Baby Chess Monster( some one taught chess at a very early age)?

Collin:Not exactly, but I was rather young when I first started playing.

Ernesto:What would you like to change about the chess world if you feel there should be any changes made?

Collin:I haven’t been in the chess community long enough to have much of an
opinion on this subject.

Ernesto:Is there any thing else that you’d like to share with us?

I’d just like to thank Chess Rex for the opportunity to share my
experiences with others. I hope you can learn something form this. I had a
lot of fun writing it
God Bless!

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