The Spirit of War Knight

The Spirit of War Knight.




Spirited Robert James Fischer quotes;

“I like them (Soviet chess players) a lot.  The way they play just suits me.  It’s sharp, attacking, full of fighting spirit.” –
interview with a Russian reporter, New York 1958

“I think my subconscious mind is working on it (chess) all the time.  Even when I’m not playing or studying, I sit down at the board and get a
lot of new ideas.  Things are coming to me all the time.” -1968

“I win my games not with the help of some kind of spells, but much more simply; I arrive, I sit  down at the board and…I win!”
– Palma de Mallorca, 1970

When asked what his greatest pleasure in chess was, Fischer responded, “Crushing the other guy’s ego.  I like to see ‘em squirm.”
– Dick Cavett interview 1971