Magnus Carlsen 2014 World Chess Champion

Sochi Russia, Chess championship 2014.
Norwegian Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen retains his Championship title after a two week 11 game stretch against Indian GrandMaster Viswanathan Anand.
Carlsen got the better out of best of 12 games with the score of  6.5 – 4.5 on Sunday November 23, 2014.

Fatigue clearly showed on both players after 11 rounds of Monster Chess.
Psychological readiness,Physical and emotional endurance are a great part of this games outcome.

“Today was one of the toughest days of all,” , “but I’m so happy I was able to push through.” said Carlsen

“My nerves were the first to crack,” said Anand.

Some say that Fabiano Caruana is ready to challenge Carlsen for the world championship.
I highly doubt it as these speculations arise from envy and people who would just like to see Carlsen fail.

To play chess at this level you must be ready with more than a chess rating and a wining record you need the psychological strength to take blows and still crush you opponent.
I don’t think that Fabiano Caruana is ready for a crushing blow this early in his career….
Take Hikaru Nakamura for example who is +0 -11 =16 against Magnus.Psychologically you never recover from that.