The real fight is Chess



Tonight is fight night and all are excited to get in the action and pay for the thrill. The scope of the event was built up like a soap opera to get all excited and fund the event. The entertainment will be brought to the spectators by the highest of investors. All enthusiasts are gripping for tonight’s show. Most have climaxed before the event has happened. This is the awaited evening in years to come. What we have here are two guys that will beat one another to the canvas and people love it. They promote it and it is the scandal on the web and networking sites. Built up to be the biggest thing of the year as most sports apex finals are. But do we really see what we are feeding our children with hyping up brute violence that is nothing but theater? if you have bought into the whole thing and are enthusiastic about it, Yes blame your self. You are part of the culture that promotes the corruption of it. You have shown your children that it is great for this to happen and that it it should be glorified. So it shall continue and you will plant the seed that builds this opera to continue along. The psychological effects of watching a theater of physical assault as this is damaging to a bright young mind. yes you are hurting your children by opening this to their young minds. You all have the freedom to do so. But let me help you with your ignorance and help you better your youth by advising you to keep them away from your violent thirst and gambling tendencies.please do not let them be a part of this fake event that promotes violence. help your child’s future by inclining them to learn a true sport like chess that will help them develop skill useful in life and that will not traumatize them with your gambling losses. You all should be as excited to promote your child’s mind and development with chess and not violence. Contact me at for more help. Your children will thank you in the future.