Don’t miss the video of Chess960 Guys vs Gals

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Just in case the video gets removed from the internet, don’t miss the fantastic Chess960 replay video coverage of the Kings vs Queens competition (men vs women) at the famous St Louis Chess Club. The competition starred Jennifer Shahade and Yasser Seirawan in commentary and featured one of the world’s top GM’s Hikaru Nakumura for the men and Alexandra Kosteniuk for the women. You can learn a lot about Chess960 in the process. Don’t miss it!:

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Chess960 reborn in the USA?

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Thanks to Mark Weeks over at his Chess960 blog, news has arrived that Chess960 has been played at the USA Chess Open this year and here is a wonderful discussion about it by a world standard grandmaster Jennifer Shahade. The question in my mind is whether Chess960 died in Germany after the loss of the Mainz chess960 tournament, but is being reborn in the USA! If you want to follow the Chess960 action at another USA tournament with some really top quality commentators, check out the live and replay video feeds of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.


Levon Aronian discusses Chess960!

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Thanks to BiffMeatStick a new member of E-Chess960 who gave me the news, an interview with the amazing Levon Aronian has recently taken place where Aronian discusses Chess960. If you don’t know who Levon Aronian is, he’s one of the world’s best chess players who is still reasonably young and still has a long future in the game, who is also an active Chess960 player whenever there has been a tournament for it.

Here are the Chess960 exerpts from the interview and a link to the interview on

You [Aronian] play Chess 960 extremely well.
– First, do you have any general comments about the game? [CiT]

It’s a game I really love and I see it as the future of chess.

– Second, do you think Chess 960 can be played at blitz time controls in a way that the game quality is not laughably poor? (Unlike in normal chess, the opening in Chess 960 takes thought and time, so I worry that at blitz time controls there is simply not enough time in total for a typical game.) [CiT]

The blitz time control destroys the whole advantage of the game over normal chess. The greatest pleasure in that form of chess is that you have to use your head from the very first move, while a lack of time forces you to act without thinking.

Good day, Levon!
– What’s your opinion on Fischer Random Chess [Chess960], and when will it go out the window?

The game will suffice for the lives of your great-grandchildren and mine.

MS: Does Fischer Random Chess offer the promise of devaluing opening theory or… 960 times more theory?

Fischer Random Chess is a fresh look at the game without a great loss of harmony.

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ICCF Diamond Jubilee 1st Chess 960 World Cup

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Thanks to Higginator I have a name to call all you here at E-Chess960! Well E-Chessers, hello to you all and what a friendly bunch of people you are. I’ll be blogging on Chess960 since that is all I ever play, so any news on Chess I’m sorry but I’m almost useless on that!

Ok onto Chess960 news. If you want to enter a Chess960 correspondence competition on-line that offers $2000 in prizes, make sure you get your entries in before September 30th 2011. It is the very first correspondence world cup for ICCF Chess960 so go for it!

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