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Teacher’s Aquarium is a chess training interface developed with features and tools to provide the best chess training experience for trainers and students. Inquire within or contact to acquire yours today.

Chess Training

Chess Training winners.

List of individuals that will receive training from WGM Yelena Dembo.

1. DenisDenis
2. Georg
3. Ghostly
4. RG
5. Gavrosh

All selected members must contact Yelena for scheduling via ChessRex messaging or email at

Each member must request to enter Yelena’s Teaching Corner found under Teacher’s Aquarium.
The training will take place via skype using the Teacher’s Aquarium interface.
All members are expected to behave in a professional manner.

Each will receive 2 hours of chess training payed for by
If you want to extend your training time to more than the 2 hour limit you must make arrangements with Yelena.

The real fight is Chess



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You can play from 2 player to 16 player Traditional or Chess960 Tournaments in Lightning, Bullet, Blitz and Rapid time controls.
For those of you less extreme you can play Pace Games from 1 minute to 5 minutes to make a move.
Whatever Tournament is your choice to play offers it.

Grandmaster Harold James Plaskett

ChessRex welcomes Grandmaster Harold James Plaskett as our Chess trainer.

Harold James Plaskett was born in Dkeliah, Cyprus, 18 March 1960. He was British Chess Champion in 1990, and awarded the International Grandmaster title in 1985.

James Plaskett has written ten chess books, BAD SHOW, came out in January 2015 and also a quasi-autobiographical one, Coincidences. For some years in the 1990s he was chess columnist at The New Statesman.

James Plaskett is an International Grandmaster, ex British Champion and a highly experienced trainer on all aspects of the game with many accomplished students including twice British Champion David Howell.

For just $30 per hour.

Teacher’s Aquarium PlaskettĀ“s Fish Tank at

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