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Harold James Plaskett

Harold James Plaskett

Harold James Plaskett was born in Dkeliah, Cyprus, 18 March 1960. He was British Chess Champion in 1990, and awarded the International Grandmaster title in 1985.

James Plaskett has written ten chess books, BAD SHOW, came out in January 2015 and also a quasi-autobiographical one, Coincidences. For some years in the 1990s he was chess columnist at The New Statesman.

James Plaskett is an International Grandmaster, ex British Champion and a highly experienced trainer on all aspects of the game with many accomplished students including twice British Champion David Howell.

For just $30 per hour.

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Yelena Dembo

Yelena Dembo

Chess trainer Yelena Dembo

I have titles of Woman Grandmaster, Men’s International Master and have a Men’s Grandmaster norm.

I have 8 medals from World and European championships, including the gold medal in the 2002 European Rapid Championship for girls under 20 in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia and, most significantly, the bronze medal in the European Women’s Championship 2005!

I have more than 160 games published in the famous Serbian publication “Chess Informant” with my analysis and novelties. One can also find several of my games in the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings.

I have appeared on a post stamp in Austria! Check out “Der Schachtherapeut” for more information! You can see the stamp here.

I have written 6 books – 2 self-published on middlegame and 4 on openings for Everyman Chess.

My blog – – is a very popular one (almost 4 million hits) and includes various very useful pages with chess material (themes, examples), my games, wins against GMs, etc.

I give lessons to kids and adults and use Skype for talking. The students can save everything we study + get homework, if one wants. I usually give private lessons but groups are welcome too!

Level of students ranges from beginners to 2400 ELO (IMs as well). Teaching experience – 20 years.

SPECIAL prices for new students: I charge US $25 per hour or US $100 for 5 hours if one purchases them in advance. Payments can be done by PayPal.

I teach all phases of chess:

  • Theory – have a large collection of my own analysis + updates from hundreds of books on ALL openings

  • Middlegame – have a collection of over 40 thousand study-material fragments and games divided into 417 themes

  • Tactics

  • Strategy

  • Endgame

  • Game analysis

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